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Professional Search Engine Marketing Case Studies

The Following is a sample of companies and website we have worked with to provide professional search engine marketing, search engine optimization, lead generation or other online marketing service.

SEO Clients | Hit Exposure Vertex Auto BeeRound

Vertex Automotive is one of the largest Porsche parts retailers in the world. After 24 years in business and 10 years on-line Vertex decided it was time for an overhaul. With growing on-line competition and a weakening economy Vertex knew that their efforts had to be a cut above. After some extensive research Vertex chose Hitexposure for their internet marketing consultation. Hitexposure partnered with SeaGreen Marketing and BeeRound Design to completely revitalize there online presence and gaining market share against their competitors.

BeeRound Design Studio

BeeRound Marketing has worked with hundreds of companies successfully fulfilling their graphic design and branding needs. When BeeRound contacted Hitexposure the site was an established and well known site in the design community. Their site represented their clean and fresh design but was virtually un-optimized. This was a true and quick success story. Unique visitors to the site doubled within the first two months after the optimization was completed.


Nibbee is our latest client acquisition. Nibbee is a one size fits all chocolate mustaches on a stick. While their social marketing efforts have produced great results their site is essentially un-optimized. We are currently in our strategy building stage and will start implementation shortly.